Dim Sum Ensemble - Xpressions - October 27, 2013 01

I debuted my first commission in 2013 with the Toronto-based Dim Sum Ensemble 點心絲竹樂團. The commission was for their inaugural concert ‘Xpressions‘ on October 27, 2013 in downtown Toronto at the Array Space.

Titled ‘Ripples 波紋,’ my piece was scored for two erhu, zhonghu, cello, yangqin, and an assortment of Chinese and Western percussion. I was also able to conduct this piece at the concert.

This piece is the first piece in a series of pieces inspired by water.

Dim Sum Ensemble - Xpressions - October 27, 2013 02

Program Note:

‘Ripples’ begins quietly and meditatively, drawing the listener in to the deliberate movements of each instrument. As the piece develops, the instruments begin to move more, and create ripples of sound that interact with and complement one another. A quick, joyous section in the middle is like a burst of sunlight amongst the calmness of the surrounding sections, and fades away just as quickly as it had begun. In the second half of the piece the consistent movement in the lower register of the yangqin reminds one of rain steadily falling onto a surface of water, creating ripples. The piece ends quietly, just as it had begun, and fades into silence.

Dim Sum Ensemble - Xpressions - October 27, 2013 03


Photo: Wil Lau