The Annex Logo

In July of 2013 I began working on a new Toronto-based project titled ‘The Annex.’ It is being developed by Spiderclown Productions; the same group that I worked with for ‘Nightlights‘ and ‘Winter Harvest.’

Two teasers have been released so far, both including new music by me. One is a teaser for the project, and the other is a corporate video for the fictional Xiang Xiao Corporation, which plays a major role in the project.

The score will be a mixture of traditional scoring techniques, electronic, and Chinese influences. The first teaser offers a glimpse at the style of the score, and includes the main theme (as well as hints of other ones!).

The second teaser features dietetic music from the ‘world’ of the series, and the Xiang Xiao Corporation jingle is played on erhu, yangqin and triangle at the end.

You can purchase the score from the first teaser here. A new trailer is currently being developed and will be released soon, so stay tuned for that!

The Annex - Music from the Teaser Trailer