BlackBox, MMC 2.0, and Songs of Field and Stream


Blackbox - December 21, 2012

In December of 2012 the Indonesian Christian Church of Canada put on a unique production called ‘BlackBox’ at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. The premise of the show was ‘A unique story about the meaning of life told through the arts.‘ Many different artists from around Toronto came and performed at this event. From dance, to music, to spoken word, and film, this production truly was unique in every respect. I wrote a variety of pieces for this production, two pieces which included spoken word artist Mic Tee and erhuist Amely Zhou, as well as part of the score for Ian Darrel M-T’s short film “Welcome Home.”

I also had the opportunity to direct a few members of the York University Gospel Choir in two performances scattered throughout the show.

Blackbox - December 21, 2012

Overall, the show was received extremely well, and I can’t wait to try something like it again.

MMC 2.0

MMC 2.0 - January 24, 2013

In January of 2013, the York University music department staged the second iteration of it’s Music Media Concert. I once again contributed a piece (my first being the original ‘Guardians of the World’ for ‘MMC 1.0’ in March 2012). My orchestration for this concert was a selection of pieces from the film and television series ‘Stargate.’ I selected pieces by both composers that contributed to the series, David Arnold, and the late Joel Goldsmith (son of Jerry Goldsmith). Keeping with my involvement with Chinese instruments, I included parts for erhu and guzheng, played by the fantastic Amely Zhou, as well as a bansuri solo by Nanthini Namasti.

MMC 2.0 - January 24, 2013

Scored for full orchestra, choir, and soloists, this was one experience I’ll never forget, as it was my first time conducting in front of such a large audience (around 300 people).

Songs of Field and Stream

Windago - Songs of Field and Stream - July 3, 2013 01

I was invited by Elaine Choi who is one of the directors of the wind and choral group Windago to compose a new work for their summer 2013 concert. I composed a piece based on the text of Psalm 61 for choir and wind dected titled ‘Selah (Psalm 61).’ It is a calm, and contemplative piece, and doesn’t stray away from silence to let the meaning of the text and music be absorbed by the listener.

I was also invited to orchestrate a version of Shenandoah for this ensemble based off of┬áBob Chilcott’s arrangement for piano and choir.

Both pieces premiered during ‘Songs of Field and Stream’ on July 3, 2013 at the Timothy Eaton Memorial Church in Toronto.

Windago - Songs of Field and Stream - July 3, 2013 02